Teacher Fired After Hitting Student At Chinese Kindergarten

An unidentified nursery teacher was fired from her position at a school in Yibin, a city in China's Sichuan province, after she was filmed hitting a toddler who couldn’t sleep during nap time. 

The woman, who is reportedly studying to be a teacher at a university and was placed in the school as part of her training, jumped onto the child on May 13 and proceeded to beat the girl with her stuffed animal, the Daily Mail reports. A clip of the beating quickly went viral and the Yibin County Board of Education held an emergency hearing about the woman’s conduct two days later.

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The young woman was fired and the nursery will undergo an investigation. It has also been ordered to issue an apology to the parents. The affected children will receive counseling.

People who saw the video on social media voiced their outrage.

One user wrote: “How can a dismissal be the end of this? Not only should this wicked woman be held for criminal charges, the kindergarten has managerial responsibility as well.”

“I hope the authorities will increase control over kindergartens," another user wrote. "They should be punished like they do it with drug dealers.

"Kindergartens are no longer safe," the user added. "I strongly demand security cameras in kindergartens."

Sources: Daily Mail, People’s Daily Online

Image via Daily Mail


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