A U.K. taxi driver is being called a legend by social media users after he saved a stranger from getting a parking ticket by impersonating the owner of the vehicle.

Ray Thorpe, 42, was in a private car park on Oct. 19 when he noticed a traffic officer writing out a fine, BT reported. The vehicle had exceeded its parking limit by 10 minutes.

"I know they have a job to do but sometimes they're like vultures,” Thorpe told BT. “They should give drivers the benefit of the doubt – what if the person was 10 minutes late because of an accident or bereavement?”

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Thorpe spoke to the officer and pretended to be the owner of the car. He apologized and put enough money in the meter to cover the ten minutes. The officer agreed to waive the fine.

The generous taxi driver attached a note to the vehicle. He took a picture of the friendly note and shared it on Facebook, where it has received more than 1,000 likes.

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Thorpe wrote:

“What would you do? So I'm walking through town and I see a traffic warden taking pics of a car with a ticket that is 10 minutes expired. So I paid 20p for another ticket and told her it was my car. F**k the system. And to all you traffic warden vultures out there who don't even know what situation the owner might have been in, I hope I get the opportunity to spoil your commission over and over. I'd have only spent it on 4 f******g carrier bags when I forget to take my own again anyway!”

Commenters called Thorpe a “legend” and a “nice guy” for his actions. Thorpe said he hopes one day someone will return the favor.

“After I shared it on Facebook I got quite embarrassed because everyone was congratulating me and saying well done,” Thorpe said. “You would hope someone would do the same for you in that situation. I believe what goes around comes around. I believe in karma, so maybe something good will happen to me.”

Sources: BT, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: BT


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