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Swedish Girl, 13, Loses Rape Case Because She Is 'Well-Developed'

Sweden’s Court of Appeal recently ruled that a 27-year-old man, accused of rape, could not have known a 13-year-old girl was under age because she had a "well-developed" body.

The girl had filed an appeal with the court after the man was acquitted for allegedly raping her, reports The Local.

The teen claimed that she ran away from her foster home, and traveled to Vasteras, a small town outside Stockholm.

The teen, who was penniless, said that she met the man at a playground. He allegedly invited her into his nearby home for a drink, and had sex with the girl. The man's semen was reportedly found on her underpants.

Having sex with someone under the age of 15 is considered child rape in Sweden, however, Sweden’s Court of Appeal and the Vastmanland District Court dropped the charges because the accused must have "reasonable grounds to believe" that the person whom they are having sex with is under age.

Both courts watched a video of the girl speaking to police at the time of the accusations, and came to the conclusion that she was "well-developed" and the man could not have known that she was under 15 years old.

The teen's lawyer, Goran Landerdahlplnas, plans to appeal the case to Sweden’s Supreme Court.

While Swedish prosecutors gave up on this case quickly, they have been trying to extradite WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange from the UK since 2012.

Assange has been living in Ecuador's embassy in London since 2012 because he believes Sweden would allow the U.S. to extradite him for leaking videos and U.S. documents (some of human rights abuses) online.

Reuters reports that Swedish prosecutors are now considering interviewing Assange at the embassy in London because their alleged charges will reach a statute of limitations in August.

The accusations stem from two women who had sex with Assange, but claim he did not use a condom, which is considered “sex by surprise” or “unexpected sex” (a crime) in Sweden, noted

Sources:, Reuters, The Local
Image Credit: Petey21


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