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Stuntmen Drive Cars, Motorcycles In 'Well Of Death' (Video)

Some stuntmen in Hyderabad, India, recently drove cars and motorcycles on the side of a wall inside the "well of death" (video below).

According to, the stunt is a more dangerous version of the "wall of death" because it involves multiple vehicles driving in formation.

The gravity-defying stunt on the 30-foot tall wall is believed to have taken place at the Numaish Exhibition grounds.

The video begins with motorcycles riding around the circular wall, but then some cars pick up speed and join the bikes. If that wasn't enough, the vehicles perform dizzying maneuvers that include passengers hanging out of cars, getting on top of vehicles, and grasping hands.

At one point, a motorcyclist lies down across the hood of a car as the audience watches from seats above.

Fortunately, the "well of death" did not take any lives... this time.

In 2014, "well of death" stuntwoman Pooja Rathod told The Telegraph about her perilous adventures while hanging from the roof of a car:

I have had four accidents, but many people lost their lives, I have a lot of strength and guts so I really like it. I consider myself an independent woman because not all girls can do this.

When I'm up there, I don't think about the audience because I have to continuously focus on my stunt and my bike. I sing a little bit of Hanuman Chalisa (spiritual song) when I perform the stunts. It increases my courage if I get worried during the stunt.

Once I had a very bad accident. My leg and hand were broken, but in my other three accidents I wasn’t injured much. After my accident I felt like leaving, but I couldn’t. The well is close to my heart.

If the audience comes down to say "well done" or "thank you" then I feel good, and I feel there is love for me in everyone's heart.

Sources:, The Telegraph / Photo credit: Top Ten/YouTube

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