Canadian High School's New Dress Code Policy Sparks Student Protest (Video)

A high school student in Ottawa, Canada ended up in the back of a police car after leading a protest against his school’s new dress code policy forbidding ripped jeans (video below).

A demonstration was held at All Saints High School in Kanata, a suburb in Ottawa, on Tuesday in protest of the school’s new dress code policy, CTV News reported. The protest was reportedly prompted by the school administration's decision to suspend three students for wearing ripped jeans that day.

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A group of students chanted senior Dustin Hawley’s name as he draped his ripped jeans over the basketball hoop in the school’s cafeteria. School officials called the police to deal with the protest.

Four police cars responded to the call. Officers approached Hawley and escorted him out of the school and into the back of a squad car. The entire student body followed.

Junior Madi Carty was one of the three students suspended for wearing ripped jeans that day. She was reportedly sent home for two days.

Carty, who wants to pursue a career in pediatric medicine, said she fears the two-day suspension will affect her studies.

“They justify it by saying you wouldn't go to a job interview like this and I wouldn't,” Carty told CTV News. “I'm just going to school. School is different than going to job so I feel it's a strange rule that they are putting what we wear on a higher pedestal than our education.”

The new dress code policy was implemented by the school’s new principal. The Ottawa Carleton Catholic School Board issued a statement defending the principal’s decision.

“The dress code at All Saints is essentially the same as other Board highschools [sic] and consistent with Board policy,” the statement read.

Still, students said they don’t understand why the policy was implemented.

“Exposing knee caps, what’s wrong with showing knee caps?" student Dylan Webb said.

“This is one of the only times we can wear what we want when we want, within reason,” fellow student John Maika added. “So we want to be able to do that and that’s the main issue.”

Sources: CTV News, CFRA News Talk Radio

Photo Credit: CTV News


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