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Students Fight Their Teacher In China (Video)

While fights between students and teachers are becoming increasingly common in the U.S., it's unusual to see a teacher get caught up in a brawl with teenagers in China, but that's what happened on April 20 in the city of Bozhou, located in the Anhui province (video below).

The incident at Fanji High School began when the teacher collected exam papers from students, but one teenage boy refused to give up his paper, CCTV News reports.

The teacher appeared to grab the student by the neck, and the boy went after his instructor with the help of other students.

The students threw punches and kicks at the outnumbered adult, who was pushed into a corner. The teacher didn't back down and took them all on.

There were three breaks in the action, but the teacher kept slapping the first student, which triggered a new fight, notes Shanghaiist.

At one point, the first student used a large book to hit the teacher.

Another student in a blue jacket attempted to pull his classmates away several times.

When the video ended, the fight was still going on, so it's not clear what finally stopped the wild melee.

The incident is being investigated by the local Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Education. Police questioned the students and the teacher, and the school principal was suspended.

The video was originally uploaded to the Chinese social media site Sina Weibo, BBC News reports, where it went viral with most commenters siding with the teacher.

"The clip shows nobody trying to break up the fight, all you hear are shouts and even laughter. I don't know if times have changed, but when I was in high school students were very orderly and obedient," one commenter wrote.

Another person commented, "Respecting the teacher is the most basic starting point, if you can't even respect your teacher then you can't respect anything."

Sources: CCTV News/YouTube, BBC News, Shanghaiist / Photo Credit: CCTV News/YouTube

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