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Student Raises Money To Help Homeless Friend Get Off The Streets

A student in Scotland befriended a homeless man who lived on the streets, and after deciding to raise money to help him, the unlikely pair’s story started to go viral.

Anna Loudon, a student in Dundee, Scotland, met Les Gordon outside a coffee shop, and after buying him a coffee, the two talked about their lives, reported Inquisitr. Loudon soon learned Gordon was homeless and that he had been trying to save up for a place to live, forgoing necessary heart surgery until he had somewhere to live.

Loudon was inspired by her new friend's story and decided that she’d try to raise him some money. Within a couple of weeks, reported the Mirror, the campaign had already raised more than $10,000.

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“Despite being in such a difficult situation, Les always stays positive. He’s an avid reader, he loves fishing,” the Dundee University student explained. “He’s also generous despite having so little. He is a native Dundonian who has become homeless through a series of unfortunate events. He has been on the streets for at least nine months and has endured harsh temperatures while sleeping rough. Unfortunately he has slipped through the cracks of the system."

She found out he needed open heart surgery but planned to put it off until he could find somewhere to live, reported Daily Mail. “Les and I drink coffee together in the morning and I feel that reaching out to the community might help him finally earn enough money to get a deposit for a flat and at least a couple of months’ rent so that he can finally have a roof over his head. Money that we raise for Les will go to a deposit on a flat, rent, utilities and any other expenses related to his living conditions.”

A picture of Loudon and Gordon sitting on the sidewalk together talking and sipping coffee has gone viral, and now, the GoFundMe page has surpassed its initial goal.

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Photo Source: GoFundMe, Daily Mail


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