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Strange Creature Washes Up On Japanese Shore (Video)

A strange creature that washed up on Japanese shores following a tsunami has baffled online viewers after footage of it was uploaded to the Internet.

The footage, shot by a survivor of the natural disaster, appears to be a white whale-like creature. It is seen alongside debris from the flood.

Although the footage zooms in on the creature from several angles, it’s difficult to identify the animal. Although some are convinced that the mostly nondescript creature is simply a whale or a squid, others have suggested that the thing is an undiscovered animal.

Unusual oceanic discoveries have washed up on the local shores since the disaster occurred in 2011.

The natural disaster occurred on March 11, 2011 and devastated multiple coastal towns in Japan. It unleashed the worst nuclear crisis in a quarter of a century. Some 15,000 people were killed and 340,000 were displaced. The area suffered from a shortage of food, water and shelter. 

Sources: Mirror, DailyMail

Photo Credit: YouTube


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