Straight Men React To Caresses By Other Men (Video)


Two pranksters in France recently produced a video to show how heterosexual men react when other men caress their hands (video below).

Gregory Guillotin and Jonathan Demayo, who produced the video, rode an escalator and reached over to touch other men's hands, batted their eyes, and blew kisses, notes

Some of the men did not react well to the unsolicited physical contact, but a few of the fellows maintained eye contact with the pranksters and waved.

One older man formed a fist, but his wife reached over to calm him down; a younger man made a fist motion with his hand.

There were also some obscene gestures and name calling but of course, there was laughter, as well.

One man angrily headed up the escalator in pursuit of the prankster, but smiled after being let in on the joke.

According to Guillotin's Facebook page, the prank, "Love at first sight between men [on an] escalator," has received almost five million views since being uploaded on March 1. On the duo's YouTube page, the prank has almost two million views.

Sources:, Facebook, YouTube / Photo credit: Nou/YouTube

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