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Starving Bears Beg For Food In Zoo (Video)

A video (below) has surfaced that shows some starving bears at the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia on Jan. 8.

The Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group, an animal rights group, filmed the animals and noted on its YouTube page: "Are these bears still hungry in the Bandung (the horrific) Zoo? The bears in dirty cages and every one looks free to throw anything into the enclosure. Scorpion has called to Close Down Bandung Zoo."

The bears, which resemble skinny dogs, beg for food and stand on their hind legs, notes The Dodo.

One of the members of Scorpion throws a papaya to the bears, who scramble for the fruit.

Scorpion posted a similar video of the emaciated bears in June 2016 with this caption: "Despite asking the authorities to help these bears and other animals at the zoo, they don’t care and nothing is done. So we feed them fruit each time we visit."

Scorpion also posted a video in May 2016 entitled: "Very Sad. Heartbreak. Sun bears at Bandung Zoo very hungry and thin. Visitors give them junk food."

The ribs of one of the starving bears can be clearly seen.

Indonesia's wildlife regulations are "notoriously lax," according to The Dodo, so exhibits such as the Bandung Zoo are allowed to stay open.

Scorpion has launched a petition on that goes into detail about the animals, and calls for the zoo to be closed down:

Sun Bears kept in the Bandung Zoo are so hungry they eat their own feces. One of the zoo’s giraffes suddenly died and was found to have 40 pounds of plastic trash in its stomach. The Bandung Zoo has been coined Indonesia’s "death zoo" and must be shut down immediately.

Perhaps the most upsetting was the recent loss of Yani, a 34-year-old Sumatran elephant, who was visibly weeping when she died shackled on the ground. She had been sick and neglected for too long. Yani’s species is critically endangered and she was one of about 2,800 of these majestic animals left. Tourists often report that the confined animals look emaciated and weak.

The zoo is overcrowded and doesn't have a veterinarian on hand, so when animals fall ill they are left to suffer like Yani. These are not the only horrific events to have occurred within the zoo, and won’t be the last.

Please join me in imploring the President of Indonesia and his Minister of Environment and Forestry to shut down this zoo and relocate these animals to a conservation or sanctuary where they can be taken care of.

Sources: The Dodo, Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group/YouTube / Photo credit: Scorpion Foundation/Twitter

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