Victim Pulls Knife From Neck, Stabs Terrorist With It

Several stabbing attacks have recently occurred in Israel.

Yonatan Azarihab was stabbed by an attacker on March 8 in Israel, reports The Times of Israel. After multiple stab wounds Azarihab managed to remove the knife that had been launched into his neck.  He then used that same knife to stab the man that attacked him initially. Azarihab survived the incident. The attacker died later. 

According to Israeli police, Azarihab was inside of a wine shop receiving charitable contributions when the assailant attacked him. At one point, after the knife had been lodged into his neck, he managed to escape from the store.

At that time, the store’s owner attempted to restrain the attacker. Minutes later Azarihab returned to scene and that is when he faced the assailant. 

The owner of the shop was not injured. 

A volunteer medic said that Azarihab was on the ground outside of a different store when he arrived. 

“Together with other volunteers of the Ambucycle Unit of United Hatzalah we treated the victim utilizing first aid treatment, following which he was taken to Beilinson Hospital in an ambulance. At the time of transfer the victim was conscious,” said Nati Ostr, the medic to The Times of Israel.

Other violent incidents have occurred in Israel recently.

Taylor Force, 28, was also stabbed on March 8, the same day as the earlier incident. He did not survive the attack, reports NBC News.

Force was an American college student who attended Vanderbilt University. He was on a school trip in Israel when the attack occurred. Ten others were hospitalized after the attack. 

Force was killed the same day that Vice President Joe Biden visited Israel for meetings with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

“Tragic attack in Jaffa today, taking the life of an American. There is no justification for such acts of terror,” Biden wrote in a Tweet following the attack. 

The stories of Force and Azarihab point to only some of the recent violence that has occurred within Israel.

Sources: The Times Of Israel, NBC News, Vice President Biden/Twitter / Photo credit: The Times Of Israel

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