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Sports Reporter Flubs Line, Doesn't Realize She's On Live TV, Does Second Take (Video)

BT Sport reporter Reshmin Chowdhury recently flubbed a line during a broadcast before a soccer game between Spain's Barcelona and Italy's Roma, but was unaware she was on the air live (video below).

“Barcelona are just a point away from the knockout stages of this competition as they host Roma tonight and this is a cub, club very much ... oh God, what is wrong me today?” Chowdhury groaned at Nou Camp stadium in Spain, notes The Independent.

Chowdhury motioned to the cameraman to do another take, which she got right for her global audience.

Afterwards, BT Sport anchor and former soccer player Gary Lineker stated in the studio, "Thanks Reshmin. You even got to see her rehearsal. Live TV, things happen," notes

Sources: The Independent, / Photo credit: BT Sport Screenshot

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