Spider Found In Bag Of Vegetables Blamed On Lack Of Pesticides

A grocery store chain in Europe is blaming fewer pesticides and chemicals for a greater number of insects and pests that are appearing on food products after one woman discovered a living spider in her bag of vegetables.

Holly Bedwell, 19, who is a student in Buxted, England, reportedly purchased a bag of mixed vegetables online from a Tesco store. She served the vegetables at a family dinner on May 28, which was when her sister made a horrific discovery, reports The Argus. "We were literally two mouthfuls in when my sister put some carrots on her fork and saw a spider clinging to one of the carrots," Bedwell said. "It completely put us all off of our food and we couldn't eat another bite. It is worrying because you trust that your food has been checked before it is packaged and then things like this happen. I'm just glad my sister Esme didn't accidentally eat it."

Tesco Customer Services reportedly apologized to the family and said they would investigate. Soon after, an online Customer Service's representative via Tesco's website identified the culrpit: more natural food that contains fewer chemicals. 

"Our customers did request that we use less chemicals and pesticides through the production process. The downside being, there's a greater chance of pests and insects surviving in crops. Once harvested, our salad is subjected to checks at several stages of production. I'm very sorry we failed to spot and remove this creature. They requested the item, which was bought online, be returned to a store to be investigated by suppliers."

This isn't the first time Tesco has been associated with produce that was found to contain pests. In March, Maria Layton found the eggs of a Brazilian Wandering Spider — which is a deadly spider known for giving men four-hour erections — inside of a banana purchased from Tesco, reports The Telegraph. At the time, Layton described Tesco's reaction as "useless" and said they instructed her to return the bananas to their store so they could refund her money and investigate. 

Sources: The Argus, The Telegraph/Photo Credit: The Argus


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