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Angry Spectator Causes Crashes During Bike Race (Video)

A bike race spectator caused two cyclists to crash during the Sept. 4 Tour Cycliste Antenne Reunion on a French island after he dragged barriers across the course in a "fit of anger" (video below).

Brad Potgieter and David Riviere slammed into the barriers, notes Cycling News; Potgieter suffered a broken collarbone.

The incident was linked to an earlier crash, when bikers Enzo Bernard and Jonathan Boyer accidentally collided with barriers, reports.

Bernard was disqualified and fined for dangerous sprinting, while Boyer suffered a head injury and a few broken ribs.

Bernard later tweeted that Boyer got entangled in his [Bernard's] handlebars. One young spectator, a 10-year-old boy, lost his thumb because of the accident, but the drama didn't end with the crash.

Boyer’s father Jean-Bernard called for the race to be stopped after the crash, but it continued, so Jean-Bernard pulled some the barriers across the road in a "fit of anger."

Six cyclists approached the barriers. Four were able to avoid crashing, but Potgieter and Riviere were not so lucky.

Jean-Bernard was subsequently fined about $334, questioned by local police and released; an investigation is ongoing.

Bernard later described Jean-Bernard as "a fool who puts the lives of athletes in danger," according to Cycling Weekly.

Tour Cycliste Antenne Reunion released an official statement regarding the incident, as translated by the Daily Mirror:

[Jean-Bernard] caused a crash of six riders, with four others able to avoid the barriers and reach the finish line.  All the other riders were not able to reach the line before being diverted into the team parking area. In view of the exceptionally serious and anti-sporting case and the impossibility of classifying the riders, the race jury decided with the race director to cancel the first stage.

Sources: Cycling Weekly, Cycling News, Daily Mirror / Photo Credit: Antoine Forestier/Twitter via YouTube

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