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South African Police Find Female Genitalia In Man's Freezer

A Danish man living in South Africa was arrested after police found female genitalia in his freezer.

Peter Frederiksen, 63, was arrested on Sept. 17 after his wife told authorities that he drugged her and cut off her genitalia.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that Frederiksen had discussed genital mutilation in the past with a journalist. 

“'We have found 21 genitals from 21 women,” police spokesman Hangwani Mulaudzi told Danish newspaper BT, according to the Daily Mail. “The man's wife is one of the women. We are now investigating who the other 20 are.”

Frederiksen reportedly admitted in the past to performing genital mutilation on a woman and claimed to have been taught by Dr. Jorn Ege.

“I met [Ege] at Skodsborg Strandvej for a dinner,” Frederiksen allegedly said. “And I say: ‘I might have a customer for you. I know a girl in Copenhagen and she'd love to have made a cosmetic intervention, but she would want me to make it.’”

In addition to the genitalia, police also found surgical equipment, anesthetic and a collection of photos. It appears as though Frederiksen has been carrying out and documenting the procedures since 2010. 

“At this stage, we do not know how many women there are as there are many, many photos,” police spokesman Masilela Langa told Netwerk24, according to the Daily Mail. “We are engaged in research and to question the man. It is as if he knew his victims and knew where to look for them.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Local / Photo credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail


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