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Man Says He Had Sex With Daughter-In-Law Because His Wife Is 'Old' And 'Cannot Keep Up' With Him

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A South African man was reportedly caught having an affair with his son’s wife.

Ernest Khoza, 74, had reportedly been married to his wife, 70-year-old Esther Nsingwane, for 41 years before the affair began, the Daily Sun, a local news outlet, reported. Khoza soon moved in with his son's wife after Nsingwane discovered the affair.

"I was beyond disgusted,” Nsingwane told the Sun of her husband's action.

Khoza, however, expressed different feelings toward his wife.

“I still love my wife, but she is old and cannot keep up with me," he said. "I have needs that she can no longer satisfy so I just took another wife." 

Nsingwane noted that her son was so traumatized by the affair that he disappeared and has not been seen since. 

Though Khoza now lives with his daughter-in-law, neighbors said they believe he hasn’t been faithful to her.

“He still brings two to three women home, sleeps with them, one after the other while the others queue outside for their turn,” neighbor Lucas Ndlamini said. 

Sources: Worldwide Weird News, Daily Sun / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Elizabeth Langa/Daily Sun

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