South African Cardinal: U.S. Abortion Rates Is Black 'Genocide'


A cardinal in South Africa has caused a stir in the media after making statements rejecting calls for the Catholic Church to apologize to homosexuals and who called the abortion rate among black women in the United States "a genocide."

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier wrote a series of tweets which cited abortion figures for the United States.  He said there have been more than 57 million abortions since the procedure was legalized by the Supreme Court in 1973, according to Religion News.

"Isn’t this something we should be apologizing for?" he wrote.

Another statistic cited by the cardinal was the fact that black women have been the patients in 31 percent of those 57 million abortions.

"That figure starts looking like a genocide when one factors in that Black women make up only 13 percent of total number of women in USA," the cardinal tweeted.

To give some perspective of how large this figure is, white women make up 63 percent of the U.S. population and account for 37.7 percent of abortions.

Napier had previously questioned Catholic Church leaders last month who said the Church should "explore its conscience" after the violent massacre at a gay nightclub in Orlando, according to Life Site.

"God help us! Next we’ll have to apologize for teaching that adultery is a sin! Political Correctness (PC) is today’s major heresy!" he tweeted.

His reaction was notable, particularly in the wake of Pope Francis' urgings to the Church to ask forgiveness from homosexuals over their historical treatment from Christians.

The cardinal followed up with a tweet to emphasize that his comments were not meant to be a criticism of the Pope's position:

"I said: political correctness is THE major heresy! I didn't in any way define what is PC or not!"

Sources: Religion News, Life Site / Photo credit: CNS/Paul Haring via Religion News

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