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Some Canadian Postal Workers Don't Want To Deliver Political Fliers

Some postal workers in Toronto, Canada, don't want to deliver a flier, Your Ward News, that uses profanity and wild claims to criticize politicians and address social issues.

Your Ward News is published by the New Constitution Party of Canada, which is not an officially registered political party.

According to, the fliers include images of "Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne dressed up as Chairman Mao, questions the science behind vaccines and refers to former prime minister Pierre Trudeau as a 'rabid anti-Semite who admired Hitler.'"

Your Ward News pays Canada Post, the corporation which delivers the mail, to include the flier.

One temporary postal worker, who is Jewish, was offended by the fliers.

“All we’re asking of Canada Post is to be mindful and to respect the carrier’s religious rights and those that found it offensive. Canada Post should have known the trash they were putting out there," Megan Whitfield, Toronto local president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, told the Toronto Sun.

In response, Canada Post spokesman Anick Losier said in an email to the Toronto Sun that Canada Post “does not have the right to refuse a mail item because we or our employees object to its content.”

"The content is the sole responsibility of the publisher, who is clearly identified in the newsletter,” Losier added. "Anyone who has concerns about the content should either contact the publisher or simply dispose of it."

James Sears, founder of the New Constitution Party of Canada, said in a statement:

"There is nothing illegal in those papers. Just because a small number of oversensitized workers’ feelings are hurt is no reason to go to court over the matter, and I would hope that Canada Post keeps a calm head.

"...As for some citizens finding some of the content of our flyer 'offensive,' I blame that on people being shielded from the truth for so many decades that they now live in a delusional world."

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