Soccer Club President Appears To Kick Team's Assistant Manager (Video)


Francesco Becchetti, president of England's Leyton Orient soccer club, appeared to kick the team's assistant manager, Andy Hessenthaler, during a game against Portsmouth on Dec. 26 at Matchroom Stadium in London (video below).

Becchetti was sitting behind the dugout before he stormed out onto the field towards Hessenthaler, reports The Guardian. Becchetti then appeared to try to kick the assistant manager.

Hessenthaler later explained the exchange to Sky Sports News:

No, it's nothing; it's fine. It’s a little bit of banter, a bit of stuff that’s been going on for the last few weeks between us, and it probably looked worse than it was.

He’s a passionate guy; you can see that. We're all passionate. I'm passionate, the whole coaching staff, and the players, and the fans. We’re all desperate to win. It was a little bit of fun and games at the end.

He was getting involved and he's like, 'We’ve got to concentrate on what we were doing.' Like I said, he’s a passionate guy, and he wants Leyton Orient to do very well.

There was also a statement on the Leyton Orient website:

The event reported in the media was very much in good humor for both the President and Assistant Manager and part of an ongoing and good natured exchange between the two over the past few weeks.

There was absolutely nothing untoward about the exchange and the two men get along very well professionally on the pitch and personally off the pitch.

Sources: The Guardian, Leyton Orient Football Club, YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube

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