Soccer Star Fights Back Against Kidnappers


An international soccer star who was reportedly abducted in Mexico on  May 28 is now "safe and sound" according to authorities.

Alan Pulido, 25, a striker for the Greek soccer club Olympiakos, was taken captive by a group of men at gunpoint while in his hometown of Ciudad Victoria, Mexico, according to the BBC.

Pulido was reportedly leaving a party with his girlfriend when he saw his car was surrounded by several vehicles.  Masked men emerged and took Pulido away, leaving his girlfriend unharmed.

On May 29, Pulido's family received a phone call demanding a ransom payment for him, according to state prosecutor Ismael Quintanilla.

Pulido was able to contact police during his kidnapping and managed to to alert them to his location, CNN reports. Pulido reportedly was able to free himself and tie his captor to a chair, after which point he beat the man until he gave up the location of the safe house he was being held in, the Daily Mail reports.

"After midnight last night there was a phone call to 066 from soccer player Alan Pulido and in a moment of carelessness by his captors in the place where he was, he was able to make a phone call asking for help, and giving (his) location where he was," Quintanilla said at a press conference.

Daniel Morales has been arrested in connection with the abduction, while police are still searching for three other men thought to be connected to Pulido's abduction.

Pulido only sustained a minor injury from punching through a glass door during his captivity.  His right hand was bandaged when he spoke to reporters on May 30.

"[I am] very well, thank God," Pulido said.

Ciudad Victoria is notorious for being a battleground between competing drug cartels, with hundreds of kidnappings reported in its parent state of Tamaulipas in 2015.

Sources: CNN, BBC, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Pulido/Twitter

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