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Soccer Referee Pulls Gun On Field After Alleged Assault By Player (Video)

Gabriel Murta, a referee, pulled a gun after an alleged assault by a player during a Brazilian soccer match over the weekend (video below).

Murta, who reportedly works as a police officer in his day job, went to the locker room, got his firearm and came out on the field during a match in Brumadinho, Brazil, where the home team was playing against Amantes da Bola, notes The Telegraph.

Murta had to be restrained by another referee.

The soccer league's president Valdenir de Castro said Murta was assaulted after some Amantes da Bola substitute players and the team manager went on the field to demand that a Brumadinho player be penalized.

Giuliano Bozzano, head of the referees' association, said, "The Minais Gerais Football Federation has already summoned the referee and a psychologist to a meeting and I'm going to talk with him today," reports the Daily Mail.

"On the basis of that conversation and his account of events and the results of the psychological assessment I'll decide what if any measures to take," Bozzano added.

Sources: The Telegraph, Daily Mail / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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