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Soccer Referee, Armed With Stun Gun, Is Knocked Out By Player (Video)

A soccer game in Russia dissolved into chaos on Aug. 1, when a referee, who was armed with a stun gun, was knocked unconscious by a player (video below).

A bystander's video shows a shirtless player kicking Nikolai Moshchev, the ref, in the head. Moments later, Moshchev is hit in the head again from the behind and knocked unconscious.

Moshchev was hospitalized while players from both teams, Porkhov and Gdov, were questioned by police, reports The Guardian.

The game was reportedly so tense that Moshchev was armed with a stun gun when he came on the field during the second half. Moshchev had called the police, but no officers came. According to people who watched the game, Moshchev did not use the stun gun.

Moshchev ruled for a free kick for Porkhov, which gave the team a 3-2 lead. Moshchev canceled that score, but gave Porkhov a penalty kick that put it ahead again, 3-2, setting the stage for chaos, reports the Toronto Sun.

After being knocked out, Moshchev reportedly bled on the grass for 10 minutes until paramedics arrived. Moshchev suffered a loss of memory and other injuries.

Sources: The Guardian, Toronto Sun / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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