Soccer Player Delivers Brutal Flying Kick To Referee's Back (Video)

Union Perene and Pichanaki were playing in the Copa Peru soccer tournament this week when Union Perene's goalie delivered a brutal flying kick into the referee's back.

The New York Daily News, translating from L'Equipe, identified the goalie as Paulo Insua (video below).

Insua had been given a yellow card (a penalty) by referee Abraham Costillo moments before he decided to seek his revenge, noted BusinessInsider.com

Insua ran up behind Costillo, jumped in the air and drove his cleats into Costillo's back, knocking him down.

Several Pichanaki players checked to make sure Costillo was not seriously injured while Insua walked away.

(Note: The video includes inappropriate happy music, which is beyond our control)

Sources: L'Equipe, BusinessInsider.com, New York Daily News
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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