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Soccer Game Canceled After Fans Storm Field And Fight (Video)

Fans of the Colo Colo and Santiago Wanderers soccer teams stormed the field at Elias Figueroa stadium in Valparaiso, Chile, where they fought with chairs, poles and fists on Dec. 6 (videos below).

Some fans used fireworks as weapons, and at least one man suffered serious injuries, notes the Daily Mail.

The brawling began before the game, causing the referee to order the players off the field and to cancel the match.

According to The Associated Press, private security forces at the stadium were unable to hold back the fans, but order was finally restored by the police.

Even though the game got axed, Colo Colo was named Chile's champion after Universidad Catolica lost 1-0 to Audax Italiano in a separate game.

In addition to clinching its 31st Chilean title, Colo Colo won a spot in the 2016 Libertadores Cup. The win was bittersweet for Jose Luis Sierra, head of Colo Colo.

"We have fought all season to arrive in first place, and then sadly these incidents happen," Sierra said, reports the Daily Mail. "It makes us sad, but the big loser is football."

In addition to the chaos on the field, a mob also attacked a car outside the stadium.

Sources: AP via Terra, Daily Mail / Photo credit: YouTube

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