Soccer Fans Throw Coins At Beggars And Laugh (Video)

Fans of the Dutch soccer team PSV Eindhoven were recently caught on video (below) tossing coins to beggars in Madrid, Spain, and laughing.

The fans were in town to watch their team play Atletico Madrid in the UEFA Champions League on March 15, notes CBSSports.com.

The fans, wearing PSV shirts, laughed and smiled as poor women picked up the coins in the Plaza Mayor, a public square in the city.

CBSSports.com added: "Thankfully, this doesn't represent all the fans of PSV, as many are well behaved and simply passionate soccer fans. But this is sad, despicable and atrocious on a very inhumane level."

"Maybe a dose of that would teach them the proper way to carry themselves. A sad day for soccer humanity."

Spanish media said the mockery came to an end after other people stepped in to give the beggars money, notes Goal.com.

“I have seen the pictures and it’s not nice to look at," Harrie Timmermans, president of the PSV supporters club, told The Associated Press, reports Goal.com.

“You don’t throw money at people, everyone agrees on that," Timmermans added. "We are sorry that this has happened.”

PSV and Atletico previously played in Eindhoven, Netherlands, in a scoreless draw.

More than 3,000 PSV fans traveled from the Netherlands to Spain, according to PSV, but the soccer team did not issue a comment on the incident, reports Sports Illustrated.

Sources: CBSSports.com, Goal.com, Sports Illustrated / Photo credit: ASTV/YouTube

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