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Soccer Fans Riot, Fight Police In Uruguay, Stop Game (Video)

A national title soccer match between Nacional and Penarol was stopped seven minutes before the end at the Estadio Centenario stadium in Montevideo, Uruguay, on June 14.

Nacional was leading 3-2 when violence broke out in the stands (video below).

After a penalty was called against its team, Penarol fans tried to get on the field, threw objects, fought with police and tore up seats, reported

An ambulance parked near the fans had to drive away to escape damage.

Nacional’s players were given the championship cup and medals by sponsors, but the Uruguayan Football Association will officially decide if Nacional won or if the seven minutes will have to be played out on a future date, reports The Guardian.

(Note: Fans go crazy at 2:12 mark)

Sources: The Guardian,
Image Credit: GolTV Screenshot


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