Soccer Fans Attack Opposing Team's Bus (Video)


Fans of the West Ham United soccer team reportedly attacked a bus carrying the Manchester United team before the two clubs were scheduled to play on May 10 at Upton Park in London (video below).

The West Ham fans threw bottles, cans, flares and eggs at the bus, which delayed the game by 45 minutes, according to

Police rode on horseback and used an armored truck to get Manchester's bus away from the angry mob.

Manchester's manager Louis van Gaal told The Independent:

What do I have to tell? The images tell everything. I have seen also the police were taping. It is also a lot of emotions for people but for us it is the second time in London we have to start later.

It is better than last time because we have received our preparation time. It is not the first time I have seen that. It is not so nice. The way we have been received is not the proper way of course. That makes all the influence on the players and that is a pity.

Manchester's captain Wayne Rooney added: "It wasn't nice. The coach [bus] got smashed up, but we're here now, so have to prepare for the game and go out and do our job."

The chaos didn't end outside the stadium.

During the game, one of the fans threw a bottle at Manchester's goalkeeper, David de Gea, notes The Guardian.

After West Ham won 3-2, another fan ran on the field to taunt de Gea.

The Football Association (FA), which governed the soccer game, said in a statement:

The FA strongly condemns the [unsavory] incidents involving both the Manchester United team coach outside West Ham United’s Boleyn Ground and objects thrown from a section of the home support during the game. We will work closely with both clubs and the Metropolitan Police to fully investigate these matters.

It's not clear how many fans were shamed by the word "unsavory."

Sources: RT.comThe Independent, The Guardian / Photo Credit: DeeMan Gaming/YouTube

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