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Soccer Coach Beats 16-Year-Old Player During Game (Video)

A junior soccer coach was caught on video (below) kicking and punching a 16-year-old player during a U17 league match on Oct. 31 in Romania.

According to USA TODAY, coach Liviu Petrache went after Codrin Tirişca who was sitting on the bench.

The video went viral after it was posted on the Facebook page of the Romanian news site Gazeta Sporturilor, notes the Bleacher Report.

Petrache was let go by the team, and the incident is being investigated by the Romanian Football Federation.

Tirisca told Gazeta Sporturilor (via Google Translate) that Petrache was mad because Tirisca and his teammates snuck out to a McDonald's restaurant the night before at 1:00 a.m., and Petrache viewed Tirisca as the instigator.

Tirisca's father Nicholas has not decided whether to take the issue to court, but says he wants justice.

Sources: Gazeta Sporturilo, Google Translate, USA TODAY, Bleacher Report / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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