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Chinese Restaurant In Mexico Closed For Using Dog Meat As Pork (Photos)

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Six Chinese restaurants in Tijuana, Mexico were shut down after a customer discovered one was using dog meat and serving it as pork.

Authorities closed Lo Yen City restaurant following a complaint from a customer who claimed to witness kitchen staff killing a dog that was to be passed off as pork meat later that day. The customer reportedly heard howling coming from the back of the restaurant and decided to investigate, leading him to find the staff killing the animal.

When police raided the restaurant on April 7,  they discovered caged dogs, a decapitated puppy in the trash and the restaurant’s owner in the process of cutting up a dog and preparing it to be cooked.

“I admit to killing the dog, but the meat is for my own personal use, not for my customers,” owner Yu Yu Chow said. Chow told reporters the restaurant had never received complaints about the use of dog meat before the bust. “We've had complaints from customers who have found hair, flies or cockroaches in their food, but never anything this serious.”

A local news station, AFN, took video of the raid, showing the horrors that occurred in the restaurant. Some of the footage, according to reports, showed a scared puppy chained to a wall. Five arrests were made at Lo Yen City, including Chow and three workers.

Some of the animals held by the restaurant survived, and were placed in the care of a veterinarian.

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Following the incident, police announced their intention to investigate other Chinese restaurants in Tijuana, prompting five restaurants to close their doors to the public without explanation.

A Mexican Ministry of Health spokesman told local media it would be pursuing criminal charges against Chow. “You can’t play with the health of Tijuana,” the spokesman said.

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