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'I Was So Scared': Sisters Held Hostage By Men They Met On Facebook

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Two sisters in Ireland were reportedly brutally attacked and beaten by men they met on Facebook.

Amy Rice, 21, and her 19-year-old sister, Nicole, were in contact with two men through the social media website for a period of time before deciding to meet in person, the Belfast Telegraph reports. They planned to meet the men at an apartment complex in Newbridge, County Kildare, on May 14 before going out for drinks. Soon after the sisters arrived, they say the two men — ages 25 and 30 — began acting suspiciously.

“They started to get aggressive and my sister got up to leave ... and one of them pulled her hair, pushed her to the ground and started kicking her in the head,” Amy told the Irish Independennt. She tried to intervene, but she says the other man quickly began beating her.

“They tied us up with rags and put them on our mouths and just kept laughing and laughing as they beat us up,” she said.

The men demanded that the sisters call “someone with money to pay a ransom” so that they could be set free, reports Irish Independent. When they explained that there was nobody in their family with money, Amy and Nicole say they endured further beatings.

“Nicole made a run to the corridor outside and fell on the stairs trying to get away and passed out at the bottom,” Amy said. “They thought she was dead and started ringing people on the phone and saying they needed to dig holes in the Wicklow Mountains as they didn't know what to do with these girls.”

Amy said her sister’s body at the bottom of the stairs was the last thing she remembered before blacking out.

“I was so scared,” she said. “I thought we were going to die, I was full sure they were going to kill us. They eventually let us go at about 3 p.m. and said if we went to the guards (police) they would kill us and our family.”

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The two young women were held hostage for 20 hours, reports Inquisitr. The sisters reportedly ran from their captors and flagged down a man outside who was driving by with his family. They were immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for various injuries. Amy had a fractured jaw, and Nicole was treated for a broken nose. Both were badly bruised from the attack and also had severe head injuries.

Amy and Nicole subsequently took to Facebook and shared their story, warning other young woman to be careful when talking with strangers on the social networking site.

Authorities are reportedly investigating the incident, and the suspects’ names have yet to be released.

Sources: Inquisitr, Irish Independent, Belfast Telegraph

Photo Credit: Irish Independent,


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