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'It Doesn't Make Sense': Single Mom Receiving $50,000 A Year From Welfare Explains Why She Doesn't Work (Video)

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Australian woman Alex Girle claims that she has no reason to look for a full-time job because living off welfare is more lucrative (video below).

Girle, a 38-year-old single mother of five, receives about $50,000 tax-free year.

Girle receives Family Tax Benefit Part A and B, which gives her $1,007 every two weeks. Since she doesn’t work, Girle also receives $743 every two weeks from the Single Parenting Payment. Finally, because one of her children has Cerebral Palsy, she receives a Carers Payment of $121 every two weeks.

Girle spoke on "A Current Affair" about her decision not to work, 9 News reported.

“I earn almost $1,000 a week in welfare, why would I work for anything less?” Girle said. “It doesn’t make sense to go out and get a job.”

Girle lives with four of her five children in a Melbourne public housing unit, where she pays $174 per week for rent. Despite the low cost of living and her high earnings, Girle said the money sometimes isn’t always enough to get by. Sometimes, Girle has to “go without” in order to make ends meet.

Girle says she would like to get a job, but she doesn’t feel qualified for a job that could support her family. According to the Aussie mom, she wants her children to grow up and understand the value of the dollar and what hard work means.

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“I don’t want them to think they can do like the rest of them around here and get paid for sitting on their backsides,” Girle said.

Girle now plans to begin her own printing and signage business and has set up a GoFundMe account titled "Mum wants a Job!!!!" in the hopes of raising the money to start it.

Scott Morrison, the Minister for Social Services, noted that despite talk of cracking down on welfare recipients in Australia, the government has done nothing, 9 News reported.

Morrison argued that the government doesn’t want to give children and families the impression that using welfare is a career option. Morrison added that while it’s good to be generous, welfare should be capped. 

Morrison told the National Press Club in Canberra that a shocking 12 percent of Australian children are now growing up in families solely dependent on welfare.

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Photo Credit: 9 News 


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