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Siberian Oil Workers Unearth Woolly Mammoth Tusk (Photos)

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Oil workers in Siberia unearthed the tusk of a female woolly mammoth during a land reclamation project near the Russian city of Nyagan.

During the job, the workers noticed something in an excavator bucket and took a closer look. They started digging with shovels and soon discovered the mammoth tusk, followed by a second tusk, teeth, ribs and portions of the creature’s jaw.

“I noticed something in the excavator bucket,” worker Vladimir Bednyakov told The Siberian Times. “It turned to be a mammoth tusk. We have the rule — if we find something, we stop the work and call the bosses. But I was also interested myself, in what this was. I took the shovel and began to dig…found more remains, the second tusk, teeth and other bones.”

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The Huffington Post reports it will take up to six months to completely restore and clean the bones, according to Anton Rezvy, paleontology department expert at the Khanty-Mansiysk Museum of Nature and Man. “The finds have been transferred to the museum. They should be carefully defrosted so the tusks and teeth fragments do not crack, then cleaned, fixed and restored. This may take from six months to a year,” Rezvy said.

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Siberian Times

Photo Credit: Anton Rezvy via The Siberian Times


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