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Black Friday Fights Over Toilet Paper in South Africa (Video)

Footage of supermarket shoppers in South Africa battling over toilet paper on Black Friday, Nov. 25, has captured worldwide attention (video below).

In the video, Roodepoort customers are heard screaming as they reach over to the metal cage carrying the toilet paper and attempt to grab whatever they can.

Shoppers can be seen elbowing each other fiercely. One employee even threw toilet paper packs at the customers, with some jumping in an attempt to grab it from another. Within seconds, all the multi packs had disappeared.

Many stores in South Africa are inundated with customers trying to score themselves a good deal on Black Friday, according to IOL.

“It is the most hectic sale I have ever been to," said 34-year-old South Africa resident Kamani Ramlakan. "People tend to get a bit wild."

Yet wild may be an understatement.

The South African supermarket scene is just one of many like it unfolding across the world, as millions rush to get their hands on a good deal this Black Friday, the Daily Mail reports.

In Greece, shoppers blocked roads to take advantage of the country's first Black Friday, while photos from Japan, Hungary, Brazil and more show thousands lining up outside stores.

Police officers worldwide have mobilized in preparation for the fights that often ensue on this day.

“We have employed extra security staff to patrol both the shopping center itself and our parking areas," said Julie-Anne Zuma, marketing manager at South African Pavilion's shopping center. "We are appealing to shoppers to be vigilant during this period and report any untoward activities to our security staff."

In America, already reports reveal two people have been killed in separate instances: one at a New Jersey Macy’s and another at a Nevada Walmart, the New York Daily News reports.

“There was a shooting that occurred outside the mall after it was closed in the early morning of November 25, 2016,” said a spokesperson for the Hamilton Mall, KYW reports. “Our thoughts and prayers are extended to victims and their families.”

Shoppers who witnessed the New Jersey shooting said they were deeply saddened by the news.

“It’s sad,” said one shopper. ”We’ve been doing this, me and my girls for probably about ten years now, just for the fun of going out–a girls night and trying to get some special sales and it’s getting scary now.”

Sources: Daily Mail, IOL, New York Daily NewsKYW / Photo Credit: EWN Reporter/Twitter via Daily Mail

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