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Shoplifter Who Has Made Over $3 Million Wants More Benefits From Government (Video)

Proclaiming shoplifting as her “job,” Britain’s Kim Farry, 54, has made over $3,000,000 from her so-called “business” of stealing over the past 44 years.

“It really annoys me when people say I’ve never had a job because I worked at my business non-stop for over four ­decades. It just happens that my business was shoplifting,” Farry said.

Farry’s shoplifting business began at age 9 when she saw her single mother struggling to provide for her and her eight siblings. It began with a bag of groceries from the supermarket, and then grew to include toys.

At age 16, she decided to make shoplifting her full-time job, using disguises like wigs and make-up to avoid being caught. This decision came after she already had two youth detention sentences.

“I used to nick a load of stuff then go and have a cuppa with the security guards, that's how good I was. When I had been doing it for a few years I realised it was more about attitude than anything else. I could steal anything,” Farry said.

As the years passed, she could enjoy fine dining, exotic holidays, and three breast augmentations, reports Mirror. She taught some of her six children to steal for her after they reached the age of 12.

“I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done, I’m proud,” Farry said.

Farry would steal from designer clothing stores and have other women return the items for credit slips. She would then sell the credit slips online for half the price — this is how she says she made the most of her money.

At times, Farry would even shoplift for other people. She had made a name for herself and people knew to come to her when they wanted something.

Farry has been in jail seven times for her illegal lifestyle, but manages to live rent-free in a council house in southwest London, and receives over $800 a month in benefits. She has never had any reportable income.

Farry has more than 50 shoplifting charges on her record, but she says it only accounts for around one percent of her exploits.

At the height of her job as a shoplifter, Farry says she was taking home over $77,000 a year through stealing.

Farry has decided to make a change and go straight, for the sake of her youngest daughter, 14-year-old Paris, reports The Daily Mail.

It is not going to be easy as she wants to maintain her luxurious lifestyle.

“I will try but I'm going from ­riches to rags. Why would I give up living like an A-lister for this? This is the longest I've been without shoplifting since I was a child and it's unbelievably hard,” Farry said.

It has been two months since Farry stole anything. If her benefits are not enough to live on, she says she may have to go back to a life of crime, but hopes someone will give her a job. 

“The only reason I want to stop now is so my daughter won’t be punished for what I’ve done. I’ve lost enough loved ones through my crime and I don’t want to lose her too. It’s only now Paris is older I realise this is my last chance to get it right as a mother. I want her to be able to have her mates over and not worry about there being my gear all over the flat,” Farry said.

“But if I can’t get more money legally I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this. If someone offered me a job I would take it and I’d work hard. I really don’t want to lose my ­daughter but I am struggling to live without the things I am used to and she is too.

“I need help and I hope that someone will read this and come to my rescue. Otherwise it’s only a matter of time ­before I go out there again,” Farry said.

Farry thinks the government should give more benefits to prevent others from turning to crime.

“There's no way I can maintain my lifestyle or anything close to it. The Government is living in denial if it thinks people are going to live on benefits and not do everything they can to top it up, illegal or not,” Farry said.

Sources: Mirror, The Daily Mail / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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