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Store Clerk Performs Citizen's Arrest By Sitting On Alleged Shoplifter's Head

After a teenager reportedly tried to steal wine and beer three times on Oct. 17, Co-op store clerk Adrian Weekes decided to tackle the boy and sit on his head until police arrived.

A police spokesman said a teenager who had entered the store in Stroud, England, twice to get wine and beer left both times without paying, reports the Daily Mail. "On the third occasion the youth entered store, he again attempted to walk out with some alcohol but was apprehended by a store employee," police stated.

Manfred Ruiz, a customer and a witness to the incident, said, "I walked through the doors and there was this big bloke sat on this kid. I have definitely never seen anything like it before. It was a shock."

Ruiz took a photo, which was later posted on the Not Unusual for Stroud Facebook page, according to the Stroud News & Journal. "No amount of loot can be worth having big Adrian from the Co-op's bottom in your face," a Facebook user said.

Other staff members at the Co-op continued store operations as usual during the incident, reports the Daily Mail. Weekes, who has worked at the shop for 16 years, has been suspended.

The boy returned to the police station with his mother the following day. According to a police report, "The youth was of previously good character so, at the Sergeant's discretion, he was issued with a Restorative Justice Level 1 order." The boy paid for the stolen items and has been banned from the Co-op.

This is not the first time Weekes has made headlines for his acts of justice while at work. In June 2015, he ran to help a disabled customer who was being attacked by two teenagers. Weekes told the Stroud News & Journal: "I came out and saw the guys having an argument with the driver in his car. They started smashing his car with their helmets and then the driver got out and they assaulted him."

"I used to buy from that Co-op guy all the time," someone said on Twitter, referring to Weekes. "Grumpy old codger but bit of a ledge[nd]." 

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