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Shark Eats Shark Inside Aquarium As Children Watch (Video)

An eight-year old female sand tiger shark slowly devoured a five-year old male shark in the COEX aquarium in Seoul, South Korea on Jan. 28 (video below).

"Sharks have their own territory. However, sometimes when they bump against each other, they bite out of astonishment," Oh Tae-youp, a spokesperson for the aquarium, told Reuters.

"I think the shark swallowed the whole body, because they usually eat it all when they bite the head part," Tae-youp added.

Visitors, including children, are heard on the video as they watch the female slowly eat the male, which took about 21 hours.

By Jan. 29, only part of the victim's tail was sticking out of the female's mouth, notes The Guardian.

The tail will likely stay in the female's mouth for four to five days, but the female will eventually throw up her fellow shark, according to aquarium personnel.

The female shark is more than 7 feet long, while the male shark was less than 4 feet  in length.

Source: Reuters, The Guardian / Photo Credit: The Guardian Screenshot

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