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Sex Slaves, Under 'Voodoo' Spell, Freed By Police In Spain

Police in Spain recently rescued four Nigerian women who were reportedly kept as sex slaves under "voodoo" spells allegedly cast by a gang of sex traffickers.

Police claim that the traffickers pimped the women out to the Canary Islands and other areas of Spain.

The women were allegedly lured from Nigeria to Spain with promises of jobs, made to swear an oath that they owed the sex traffickers about $56,000 and then placed under the voodoo spells to force them to obey, noted The Telegraph.

The voodoo allegedly included sex traffickers keeping hair or nail clippings from the women to convince them that they were under a spell, reports AFP. Sometimes animal sacrifices were involved.

The victims reportedly believed that their families would die if they didn't obey those who ran the brothels.

Authorities believe that the sex trafficking gang originally wanted underage girls, but none of the victims appeared to be under 18.

While prostitution is not against the law in Spain, it is a crime to be an abusive pimp and to solicit for sex in public areas.

Sources: The Telegraph, AFP
Image Credit: Public Domain


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