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Serbs Enter Fourth Day Of Protests Against President

Al Jazeera reports that protesters in the heart of the Serbian capital of Belgrade have entered their fourth straight day of protests against Prime Minister and President-elect Aleksander Vucic.

Vucic won his election April 2 with 55 percent of the votes in the first round. He's expected to take office in May.

Protesters began gathering on April 3 after thousands were brought together through social media. The government has deemed these protests illegal and politically motivated by Vucic's opposition, but protesters tell a very different story.

The crowds of mostly young adults and students have been marching through Belgrade and other Serbian cities chanting slogans, holding up signs, and generally peacefully calling for Vucic to step down. According to Al Jazeera, the chants include "End the dictatorship," and "Vucic, you stole the election."

The protests come as a direct result to an election that many felt was unscrupulous. Fox News reports that the opposition alleges significant issues with the April 2 vote, including curtailed media access during the campaign, voter intimidation at voting sites, and bribes on election day.

Protesters say that Vucic is an autocrat, a dictator in the making, and that not just Vucic, but his whole Serbian Progressive Party is corrupt.

"I think that something needs to change and I am here to express my discontent with the current situation," said Mihajlo Saranovic during a protest in Belgrade. "I am here because I think that there is no democracy in this country any longer," he said.

The gathering students have demanded early parliamentary elections, the dismissal of the election commission, as well as the dismissal of the media regulator and top editors of the state-controlled RTS TV.

Vucic, however, had a laissez-faire approach to the protests. "Everyone has a right to be unhappy with the election results," he said on Monday. "It is fine as long as it is peaceful."

On April 6, demonstrators protested in front of the state-run TV building chanting and holding banners with phrases like "stop the government terror. For now, it is unclear what Vucic's direct response will be.

But so far, protests have remained peaceful with minimal arrests. International outlets continue to monitor the situation.

Sources: Fox News, Al Jazeera / Photo Credit: Daniela/Flickr

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