Selfie Of Woman Taken Before ISIS Bombing Goes Viral (Photo)

A photo of a young woman killed by an ISIS suicide bomber just hours before her death has gone viral.

A group of young adults, most of whom belonged to the Socialist Youth Associations, had gathered in the Syrian city of Kobane to raise awareness for their campaign to rebuild the city. Kobane has been devastated since the civil war that removed ISIS from power in January.

The photo shows three young activists, including 20-year-old Ezgi Saadet, as they board a bus that would take them to a rally in southern Turkey. The image was the last that Saadet published to her Instagram account before she was killed alongside 30 other activists.

Since her death, tributes have been posted to Facebook for Saadet. Selfies of her friends that were taken just before the event have also gone viral.

Some have suggested that Saadet was also in a photo of three sisters posing at the scene of the bombing just before the event occurred, though Buzzfeed later reported that a Twitter user had claimed that the photos were taken elsewhere.

Turkey has reportedly identified a man as the suspect in the attack, though initial reports suggested that the suspect was a woman. The man allegedly left his home six months ago to join ISIS.

Many have suggested that the bomber was Seyh Abdurrahman Alagoz, since one photograph shows the charred remains of a photo ID card with his name on it.

The attack was one of the deadliest in Turkey in recent years. It was also the first time that the Turkish government accused ISIS of carrying out an attack within the country’s borders.

Sources: DailyMail, Buzzfeed

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed, Instagram 


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