Self-Driving Mercedes Truck Debuts In Germany (Video)


The Mercedes-Benz Actros, a robotic self-driving truck, went for a 9-mile test drive between Stuttgart airport and Denkendorf in Germany at about 50 mph on Oct. 2 (video below).

The 430-horsepower truck uses radars, cameras and a speed regulator to navigate, shirt gears, accelerate and brake, notes

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, a board member of Daimler AG (which manufactured the vehicle), sat behind the wheel as the truck stayed in its lane on a public roadway.

Daimler AG said in a press release (via Automotive World): "The multi-sensor fusion, i.e. the combination of proven new-generation assistance and safety systems and sensors, enables the truck with the Highway Pilot system to continually observe the entire area in front of the vehicle and to take control itself in certain situations."

Daimler AG added: "The Highway Pilot does not replace the driver, but supports and relieves the strain on them by dealing with monotonous stretches for them and taking care of annoying stop-and-go driving in a traffic jam. In automated mode the driver has control over the truck at all times and in tricky situations can take over driving of the vehicle again."

Sources:, , Daimler AG via Automotive World / Photo Credit: Daimler AG Screenshot


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