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Security Footage: Attacker Grabs Soldier At Airport (Video)

Newly-released security footage shows an attacker grabbing a female soldier from behind at a Paris airport on March 18 (video below).

The attacker, identified by The Associated Press as Ziyed Ben Belgacem, is seen in the video grabbing the soldier by her shoulder and dropping a shopping bag believed to have held a container of gasoline.

The 39-year-old attacker is then seen holding a revolver loaded with birdshot to the soldier.

For a few seconds, no one is seen visibly reacting. One traveler rolls a suitcase past Belgacem and the soldier; a second soldier is seen walking away.

Moments later, people keep their distance and back away. Belgacem reportedly shouted that he wanted to kill and die for Allah.

Belgacem then tries to take away the first soldier's assault rifle, while using her as a human shield.

However, Belgacem leaves himself exposed long enough for other soldiers to fatally shoot him to end the terrifying incident that lasted less than three minutes. No one else was injured in the attack that caused panic and shut down the French capital's second-biggest airport.

A source told Agence France-Presse, "Toxicology tests carried out on [March 19] showed an alcohol level of 0.93 grams per liter in [Belgacem's] blood, and the presence of cannabis and cocaine."

The 0.93 grams is almost twice the legal limit in France.

A man, who asserted that he was Belgacem's father, told French radio Europe 1 on March 19 that his offspring was not a practicing Muslim: "My son was not a terrorist. He never prayed, and he drank."

Belgacem’s father, brother and cousin voluntarily went to the police after the incident on March 18, and were released the next day.

AFP reports that Belgacem spent the night of March 17 at a bar with his cousin.

The next morning, March 18, Belgacem was reportedly pulled over by police for speeding at around 7 a.m. in Garges-les-Gonesse, a Paris suburb.

Reports say Belgacem pulled a gun and fired some birdshot, which injured an officer.

After the traffic stop, Belgacem contacted his relatives to inform them that he had "done something stupid," his kinfolk told police.

Belgacem reportedly went to the same bar that he had gone to on March 17, fired more shots, stole a car and went to the airport where his life ended when two soldiers shot him during the hostage situation.

According to police, Belgacem had a criminal record that included drugs and robbery, AP notes.

Sources: The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse via The Guardian / Photo Credit: Pierre Aeroport/Wikimedia Commons

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