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Male Students Wear Skirts To Protest 'No Shorts' Policy

A group of British school boys protested their school's policy forbidding them to wear shorts by wearing skirts, instead.

The Daily Mail reports that a group of 14-year-old students at Longhill High School in Brighton, England, were forbidden to wear shorts on the hottest day of the year. They protested by wearing skirts, which are technically part of the school's agreed upon uniform.  

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"It's not fair for boys to be roasting in black trousers on the hottest day of the year while the girls can wear skirts," one of the boys said.  

The boy's mother is on board, too. "We're fully in support of the boys," she said. 

Wesley Allen, whose son, Kodi, was part of the group of protesters, said the school's decision to punish the boys for wearing shorts was 'madness.'

"The shorts he had on have the school logo on them and I think [he] should be allowed to wear them on hot days," he added. 

Headmistress Kate Williams said, "Students have access to water in order to keep themselves hydrated.  We have made reasonable steps to ensure that classrooms are as comfortable as possible.  I have high standards regarding uniform and in the warm weather, these high standards have been challenged by approximately 2 percent of parents and students." 

The school states on its website: "We are Longhill, a learning community:  Students, staff, and families; together and individually." 

The school has not yet released an official comment on the matter.

Sources: Daily Mail, Longhill High School / Photo credit: Die4Kids/Wikipedia, Solent News and Photo Agency via Daily Mail

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