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School Bullies Accused Of Forcing 12-Year-Old Girl To Eat Pills They Claimed Would Kill Her

A school in Coventry, England, has called in the police after bullies allegedly tried to make a 12-year-old girl eat crushed pills they claimed would kill her.

The incident took place at Barr’s Hill School and Community College earlier this month, and was uncovered by a girl who had been asked by the bullies to pass the pills on to the 12-year-old. Instead, she handed them to a staff member.

“It's been going on since Christmas, maybe even before that,” the victim’s mother told the Coventry Telegraph, referring to the bullying. “Last Friday [June 5], two girls got some white powder, which they said was crushed up sleeping pills.”

The school has yet to inform the girl’s family if it will take any action over the matter.

“I’m absolutely furious, I really am,” the girl’s mother said. “I feel like going 'round their parents’ houses and telling them what they’re raising their kids to do.

“They’re only 12 years old. How is it in their minds to crush up sleeping tablets and tell someone they’re going to die?”

Until police obtain results from tests on the substance, they are not jumping to conclusions.

“We can confirm there was a call to police regarding a parcel containing a powder which had been handed to staff at Barr's Hill School, Radford Road,” a police spokesman said. “The parcel has now been sent for examination to see what the substance is.”

“No offenses have been reported; officers are waiting until results come back.”

A spokesperson for the school detailed its response to the Telegraph.

“We informed the police when alerted to a concern raised by a student about an unknown substance which had been brought onto the school site at the start of the day,” they said.

“The school treats this as a serious matter and has responded accordingly,” the spokesperson added. “The safeguarding of all of our students is our paramount priority.”

Sources: Coventry Telegraph, / Photo credit:


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