Saudi TV Host: Muslims Are 'Hypocrites' (Video)


A Saudi Arabian news anchor interrupted her own newscast on April 8 to give a speech urging fellow Muslims to "feel shame" in the wake of the terror attacks in Brussels and Paris (video below). 

In the middle of her program, Nadine Al-Budair, gave a three-minute address in which she implored Muslims to stop denying the "rarity" of terrorists in their midst and to acknowledge the role that Islam played in creating them.

"Whenever terrorism massacres peaceful civilians, the smart alecs and the hypocrites vie with one another in saying that these people do not represent Islam or the Muslims," Al-Budair, a Muslim herself, said in the speech, which was translated by MEMRI-TV. "Perhaps one of them could tell us who does represent Islam and the Muslims."

“We must admit that they are present everywhere, that their nationality is Arab and that they adhere to the religion of Islam,” she added.

Her characterization of the radical terrorists who perpetrated the attacks in Paris and Brussels as Arab nationals, however, does not tell the whole story of the attackers themselves.

However, many of the terrorist responsible for the attacks in Paris and Brussels were not Arab nationals but rather European citizens who became radicalized and trained in Syria before returning to their home countries, CNN reported.

Belgium in particular has been seen as a hotbed for radicalization. According to experts, nearly 500 men and women have left Belgium for Syria and Iraq since 2012.

This isn't the first time Al-Budair has shared her controversial views on Muslims. She had previously penned a column in a Kuwaiti newspaper in which criticized Muslims for blaming the Western world for their problems.

"It is strange that we condemn instead of [apologizing] to the world," she wrote, according to the Daily Mirror. "It is strange that we condemn instead of addressing what is happening in our midst."

Al-Budair ended her April 8 address with a call for religious leaders to take a stand against terrorism, which she said was created under their watch and order.

"Where are the sheiks of yesterday?" the anchor asked. "Why don't they have the courage to declare that they are the ones who said that Jihad is obligatory, and who legalized political wars, using futile and disgraceful exeges which permit killing, enslavement and destruction?" 

Sources: Daily Mirror, CNNMEMRITVVideos/YouTube / Photo credit: MEMRI-TV via Daily Mirror

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