Saudi Taxi Driver Pretends To Be Suicide Bomber (Video)


A video production company in Saudi Arabia recently fooled people into thinking they were being driven by a cab driver who was a suicide bomber (video below).

The “Jihad Cabbie” threatened to blow his passengers up with a suicide belt, notes In the NOW, which posted the video on its Facebook page where it has received more than 400,000 views since March 8.

The video was originally posted on Saudi Arabia's YouTube channel, Tube Up, but was taken down, reports

Unbeknownst to the passengers, the cab was fitted with hidden cameras to film their reactions.

In the video, the taxi driver tells a young man that he has a suicide belt on, and that they are going to "bomb a building."

"You will be with me, so is Allah's will," the taxi driver tells his terrified passenger.

The passenger begs to be let out of the cab, but the taxi driver keeps telling him how it is "Allah's will."

In a second bizarre ride, the taxi driver tells a passenger, "Allah willing, we will be in the seventh heaven."

The frightened passenger takes him seriously, opens the cab door and jumps out of the moving vehicle.

The video then shows the first passenger being told that it is a prank to illustrate how Muslims are also victims of terrorism. However, the distraught young man breaks down in tears.

In a third ride, the taxi driver tells two passengers that he has a suicide belt on. One of the passengers grabs the driver from behind, while the second passenger dials a cell phone.

"To the heaven guys, to the heaven!" the taxi driver says before informing the passengers that it is a hidden camera joke.

One of the passengers accidentally rips the driver's fake beard off.

According to, the video production company that staged the prank has caused outrage in the Sharia law country, and citizens are calling for the pranksters to be prosecuted.

Sources: Facebook, / Photo credit:  In the NOW via YouTube

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