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Saudi Man Divorces Wife Over Her Love For A Camel

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A Saudi man divorced his wife after he became convinced that she loved her father’s camel more than she loved him.

Gulf News reports the husband and wife were visiting her family’s house when he verbally flirted with his wife to show his “deep” love for her. However, when the wife reportedly failed to respond with the same emotion and noted how dear he was to her despite loving her father’s camel more, the husband was shocked.

Her husband was particularly taken aback since she uttered the statement in front of her brothers, but he decided to remain silent following the comment, according to local news site Sada.

On their way home, the wife discussed Al Waleef, her father’s camel, and how her father had refused to sell the animal even when offered a high price. The husband was reportedly offended again by the comment and on Friday took his wife on a tour of the desert to visit her father’s camels. At the site, he asked his wife to show him Al Waleef.

When the husband witnessed his wife’s admiration for the camel, he immediately decided to divorce her. He allegedly explained that she deserved to live among animals and not humans, since her natural place was among camels, the Huffington Post reports.

Some online commenters criticized the husband for divorcing his wife over a trivial matter while others praised him for teaching his “arrogant” wife a lesson. Others blamed both spouses for failing to rise to high moral standards and not showing respect to each other.

Sources: Gulf News, The Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Flickr, WikiCommons


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