Sailor Jumps From Tanker To Help Whale Stuck In Net (Video)


A sailor jumped off the deck of a fuel tanker to help a small whale on April 19 (video below).

The tanker, Cheikh El Mokrani, had departed Skikda, Algeria, and was heading into the Mediterranean Sea, notes

The whale had gotten stuck in a net, so the sailor decided to take a perilous leap from the 40-foot-high deck of the tanker into the water and swim around a tug boat to the whale, reports the Daily Mail.

Another man helped the sailor free the whale.

The video of the whale rescue had over 600,000 views by April 21, and plenty of comments on YouTube:

Professional seaman is full of respect to environment he is lining.

This video should be titled "Good Rescue of Big Whale Filmed by the World's Worst Cameraman."

The feat was and is amazing to watch, it's good to see people who care and is willing to rick life and limb to save our planet. Please don't throw plastic bottle caps into the sea, The Sea Birds will starve to death when they swallow one of them. Think about it. Do NOT throw anything into the sea that [can't] be eaten safely. Thank You. The men who rescued the whale must be very proud to have given their part to saving our planet, can you say the Same?

May your GOD give you many blessings for the care you gave. I salute you.....07.

Fantastic humanitarian act of kindness, i applaud them.

[W]ell done to the captain for stopping and sending a crew to help an the 100ft drop guy well done to him.

[T]hats Awesome. Very good to the crew of the Sheikh mokrani.

[A]mazing! lucky whale.

They should be awarded for rescuing a whale.

It gets so tiring to see these videos of people having to rescue wildlife, whether seaborne or on land, from man-made devices, trash, garbage and other pollutions of the environment. Many kudos to those who are brave enough, skilled enough, and caring enough to do something.

Thanks for respecting and saving that whales life, great job.

Gotta say, that was very very cool! Bravo to that dude for being totally fearless and saving a whale.

[T]his guy is floating because of his big balls.

[I]t's not a whale. it's a dolphin. good luck boy.

[C]amera man needid, bat filming.

Great job lads well done.

A good example of Algerian humanism. thanks guys.

Sources:, Daily Mail, Humans At Sea/YouTube / Photo credit: NOAA via Wikimedia Commons

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