Russian Waitress Smacks Down Customer After He Gropes Her (Video)

A waitress recently decked a male customer who groped her in a restaurant in Kazan, Russia.

A restaurant surveillance video (below) of the bizarre incident has gotten over 2 million views on YouTube since last Friday.

In the video, the waitress appears to come over to get the man's payment, and he apparently tries to place in the money inside her blouse, noted RawStory.com.

In response, she strikes the man, who gets out of his seat and grabs her between the legs.

The waitress then smacks him with a menu, almost knocking him down. He comes at her again, and she hits him again with the menu, dropping him to the floor.

Several men come running over to see if the groper is ok. Eventually, he rises to his feet and walks away.

According to the Daily Mirror, many Russians think the video was faked.

Sources: Daily Mirror, RawStory.com
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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