Russian Spacecraft Spinning Out Of Control, Will Hit Earth

The Progress M-27M, a Russian spacecraft, is reportedly flying out of control in space because of a malfunction after its launch on Tuesday from Kazakhstan.

The spacecraft was supposed to transport three tons of supplies to astronauts on the International Space Station, but instead began an "uncontrolled descent" towards earth.

The Telegraph notes that the spacecraft is spinning 148 miles above earth at more than 16,000 miles per hour, but is expected to burn up in the atmosphere when it hits earth between May 7 and 11.

Igor Komarov, head of Russia's space agency, told the media, "We're abandoning the resupply mission and working on options for scuttling the ship."

Alexander Ivanov, who is Komarov's deputy, told reporters in Moscow today, "It is too early to say who or what is to blame."

There have been reports of budget cuts, unpaid wages and corruption within Russia's space industry.

Even though this round of supplies won't make it to the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly told the Associated Press, "We should be OK. I think we're going to be in good shape."

"The program plans for these kinds of things to happen. They're very unfortunate when they do," Kelly added.

NASA is posting updates on its website.

Sources: The Telegraph, Associated Press, NASA.gov
Image Credit: Raj Joshi, Senior Producer & Studio Director for 17-BIT


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