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Russian Soldiers Enjoy Very Serious New Year's Eve In Syria (Video)

Most people think of New Year's Eve as a jovial, loud celebration, but for Russians soldiers stationed at the Hmeymim air base in Syria, it was serious business on Dec. 31, 2015 (video below).

The Russian Air Force welcomed in the New Year while fighting the Islamic State with nighttime flying missions, notes

Russian soldiers, plane mechanics and other servicemen stood silently next to a barbed wire fence and watched Russian President Vladimir Putin deliver a message on TV.

After that bit of revelry, they stood silently next to a New Year’s tree that stood almost 50 feet tall.

One soldier dressed up as a serious Father Frost and told the men to “finish off the terrorism in Syria soon and get back to Russia’s birches and firs from palm trees.”

It was quite a different picture in the UK, where party-goers got drunk, passed out on streets, vomited in public, humped police cars and lost their pants, notes the Daily Mail.

There were 48 people arrested in London, while dozens more were treated by medics. It was so bad in Cardiff, Wales, that a makeshift emergency ward had to be set up in the streets.

New Years Eve and "Black Eye Friday," the Friday before Christmas, are known to be nights for heavy drinking and partying in the UK.

Sources:, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Screenshot

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